About me

My name is Diogo Torres Correia and I'm a Portuguese guy who loves coding.

I'm part of Clout Team Development, which is a development team that offer Minecraft Plugins, Websites, Custom Themes/Plugins for various platforms and much more!

I started coding a few years ago when I wanted to do some Minecraft plugins. I always liked computers, so I learnt fast and now I code really well. I even have some public plugins (see my portfolio) that you can take a look at.

Recently, Clout Team moved to web development, so I'm now a web developer. I can make either frontend or backend, although I prefer backend.


MLP is a Minecraft Plugin that translates every text of your server to whatever language you want!

It uses string replacement and placeholders to detect the text it needs to replace, making it a really useful plugin for both developers and server owners.


Due to legal issues, this project is no longer available. You may still see the info page, but you can't download it.

Portugal - Live & Invest's Website

Portugal Live & Invest is a brand of real estate services that guarantees you will be accompanied by them in all the stages of purchasing a property in Portugal, be it an apartment, a detached house, or any other type of property.


JARCraftinator is a powerful minecraft server software. It is user-friendly and developer-friendly too, which makes it the perfect tool to create your next Minecraft server!

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