Do you own an international server? Want to have it in different languages, per player? You're lucky then! MultiLanguagePlugin (MLP) is here with a lot of cool features! This plugin uses a placeholder which will be replaced (dynamically, per player) with a message defined in the language file. More info below.

This plugin can hook into all plugins1 if you can change their messages.

1 We don't promise it to work with literally all plugins, but we want to cover them all. If you know any plugin that doesn't work, please get in touch with me. Currently know non-compatible plugins: <none>

Approval symbol

Support for almost any text on Minecraft!

API symbol

API support; Great to use with your own plugins!

Database symbol

MySQL & YAML storage

Infinite symbol

Unlimited languages with easy swapping between languages

Link symbol

Hooks into any plugin

Support symbol

Lifetime support

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That's right! We have an API! Play arround with lots of features with not additional cost!

You can download the API here or take a look at the JavaDocs.

Note: In order to use the API, you'll need the complete plugin on your server. The API isn't a plugin and won't run on your server.

  • question_answerI still don't understand what the plugin exactly does... Can you explain it to me?
    Sure, just contact me! My contact information is at the bottom of this page!
  • question_answerIf the API is free, why would I pay for the plugin?
    API means Application Programming Interface. It isn't a plugin and it doesn't contain any working code, it just allows the developer to be able to compile the code.
  • question_answerWhere can I request features?
    You can open an "issue" on our GitHub page with the tag "feature".
  • question_answerI have a simple question about this plugin, how can I contact you?
    My contact information is at the bottom of this page!
  • question_answerWhere are the commands/permissions and installation instructions?
    They are in our documentation. Take a look here.
  • question_answerWhen I try to use specials chars like (ãáàçñ, etc) on the .language files, some weird chars appear.
    Your file is using an encoding that doesn't support those characters. Your text program should have an option to change the encoding, just try it out!
  • question_answerThe plugin isn't working for me or I have some issues.
    Please don't just say "it doesn't work". Contact me and provide the following information:
    • The full description of your problem
    • How to reproduce it
    • Config of MLP and the language files
    • Config of the plugin you're trying to translate (if that's the problem)
    • Any errors on console related to MLP
    • Screenshots

Just bought MLP? We have a list of links that will help you translating your first message! Check them out:

By buying and/or downloading the plugin, you:

  • won't redistribute the plugin in any way (friends, cloud, forums, etc)
  • won't decompile it
  • won't resell it
  • won't edit the plugin/ask someone to do it
  • won't chargeback on PayPal
  • won't just say "it doesn't work"
  • will contact me to fix a bug instead of leaving a bad review on SpigotMC

If you break the ToS, your access to the plugin will be revoked and you won't receive the latest features.

Each license is valid for an entire network (connected by a proxy) and for that network's test server(s).